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Our Story Is Our Flavor Heritage

Sewn together by the knowledge and experiences passed down through generations of women, the Sweet Mae’s Cookie Co. story is one of family, legacy, and love. Scroll down to begin!

It Starts with Clara

…five generations back. Clara made the best biscuits in the South, all without measuring. Not a soul could recreate them.

Tiffany's Great-Grandmother

…Fannie Mae, was known for her cooking—and for her tendency to add a splash of Kentucky bourbon to her dishes.

Fannie Mae Raised Her Children

…Linda among them, on a farm in Kentucky, where they grew ingredients, raised farm animals, and created cherished recipes.

Tiffany's Earliest Food Memories

…are making griddle cakes with her grandparents and watching Linda and her mother, Melissa, sift, whisk, and frost Southern desserts.

Tiffany Grew Up Watching Her Family

…cook and bake together. That expression of love is a family heirloom that has been passed down through the generations, one that Sweet Mae's Cookie Co. hopes to preserve.